Long-Term U.S., Australian Relationship Will Ensure Free, Open Indo-Pacific Region

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Every day, people across America are designing, building and producing critical materials and technologies to ensure that the armed forces have every advantage and capability they need, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for industrial policy said.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III thanked Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton for his country's steadfast support and said the two nations must work even more closely together for the future.

The Defense Department has developed techniques to protect microelectronics used in satellites, spacecraft, the nuclear triad and the triad's command and control center from high levels of ionizing radiation.

National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, marks a time to showcase and honor the many contributions Hispanic Americans have made to the Defense Department and the nation.

The Defense Department and the nation reflect on the contributions and sacrifices Hispanics have made to the United States, not just in the military, but in all walks of life, during National Hispanic Heritage Month.

World War II Navy veteran Bruce Meyers built the first fiberglass dune buggy, christened the Meyers Manx.

The Defense Department's global posture review will determine if the United States military has the correct number of troops in the correct places.

The Defense Department has launched a program called National Security Innovation Capital to stimulate and access hardware technology innovation in the private sector.

The Guadalcanal campaign in 1942 captured strategic islands from the Japanese and kept vital lines of communications open for Allies in the Pacific.  Marine Corps Maj. Kenneth Bailey played a key role by leading the defense of a crucial airfield, and earned himself the Medal of Honor.

An ''instant city'' has been created at Ramstein Air Base Germany for Afghan evacuees who are headed to the United States for permanent relocation. More instant cities have been created at other military locations.

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